2020 Bordeaux tournament

8 to 10 October 2020 - Arcachon (domaine de la Dune)
The Bordeaux go tournament has been canceled


2020 Bordeaux International Go Tournament (10 - 11 October)

After a 2019 successful edition, the Bordeaux international go tournament is back in the European grand prix for 2020 !

It will be part of the few bonus C tournaments in which you can win points to qualify for the Grand Slam.

This year again, we choose to stay at the domaine de la Dune, on the Arcachon Bay. A place which pleased year after year: in a wooded park ; a 3-minute walk to the beach, a few kilometers from exceptional touristic places like the Dune of Pilat, the pier and the winter city of Arcachon, the birds' island, and so on.

For this edition we’re keeping the same formulae: 5 round tournament, hosting and catering on site.

What means Bordeaux is a bonus C tournament ?

  1. the first 5 places will therefore earn points for the qualification to the Grand Slam Tournament.
  2. Prize money for the first spots.
  3. A local surprise for everyone.
  4. Prizes for youngsters.


Grand Slam Qualification 2020 (8 - 9 October)

We are pleased to announce that the European Go Federation choose us to host the Grand Slam Qualification. The top 3 of this tournament will be gain an invitation for the Grand Slam 2020.

The Grand Slam is the most prestigious tournament for European players. It brings together 12 of the strongest continental players (pros and amateurs).

The qualification tournament will be held on the 8th and 9th of October, just before the Bordeaux tournament. So we hope that you can meet some of the contestants in Arcachon.

What is the Grand Slam Qualification ?

  1. 16 players who reached at least a rating of 2550 in the last 12 month at the EGD or have earned at least one point on a Bonus Point Tournament.
  2. 6 rounds.
  3. All participants are citizens of EGF member-countries, for at least 10 years.
  4. Top 3 gain a slot for the Grand Slam.

 Tournament System

  • McMahon System, 6 rounds, all players same start McMahon score
  • Fisher time 45mn basic plus 20 seconds additional
  • Chinese rules (7.5 Komi)
  • Pairing 1st round based on EGF rating, no random drawing
  • Pairing 2nd round based on EGF rating (including looser group)
  • Pairing on 1st and 2nd rounds with Split(=cut) and slip(=slide) system
  • No entry-fee, no prize-money
  • In case of several players with same Mac Mahon score after 6 rounds, tie-breaker for SOS-lottery: SOS, SOSOS, direct comparison results (*), EGD-rating (the rating which was used for qualification to this tournament)
  • The organisation team should ensure an even number of players by asking one local player to participate
*: the winner of the direct confrontation get the selection in case of same score, SOS and SOSOS except if there are cycling wins between 3 players who played each other (one win each)

If you meet the conditions to participate in the Grand Slam Qualification Tournament, please contact Jean-Yves Papazoglou to validate your registration.