2019 Bordeaux tournament - catering & hosting


Dormitories and rooms are available onsite and in a second hosting place close by the venue. Breakfast is included.

dormitory bed (4 beds / dormitory) twin room bed single room bed
Friday night  22,00 € (22 available)  27,00 € (4 available)  27,00 € (7 available)
Saturday night  22,00 € (38 available)  27,00 € (6 available)  30,00 € (5 available)

If you prefer, you can book rooms at nearby hotels. We will give you a list soon.

Please note: the deadline for booking rooms is September 10, 2019. We recommend that you take advantage of discounted rates and book your rooms for the same occasion.

EDIT September 10, 2019: there is no more bed in single or double room. There is only bed left in dormitories. As long as it appear on the registration site, it is possible to book them.


The food truck Food & seasons (fresh & local products) will provide meals during the tournament. Go look at their Facebook page where you can discover their tasty pictures !

Each meal cost 13,00€ and include dish + dessert.

Meals reservation is mandatory, the food truck won't serve additional meals. There are few alternatives nearby, so we advise you to book meals during registration.

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